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As-Sahab is pleased to present you with a sound file titled “Advice for the People of Jihad”

As-Sahab is pleased to present you with a sound file titled
“Advice for the People of Jihad”
for Sheikh Mansur al-Shami. (Rajab, 1430)
Sha’aban 27, 1430 A.H, August 19, 2009
To our Mujahidin brothers greetings and prayers,

It is mentioned in the Qur’an, and according to al-Sa’diy that if people don’t fight for each other, land will be lost. The infidels will prevent the Muslims from worshipping God, spreading his religion, and they will establish their apostate idols everywhere. Because God is kind, he has allowed Muslims to go to Jihad to fight for the sake of their happiness. He has made this available to them for reasons they do know and reasons they don’t know.

Al-Tabaraniy in Al-Kabir stated “The Prophet said that a group of people will be chosen on Earth to gain victory through God, and with the use of their weapon. They will continue to fight for God till judgment day. The groups’ greatest example is the Prophet of God.“

The loser is the person that doesn’t throw an arrow into this great massacre. The Mujahidin are the front for the Islamic Nation and are fighting to maintain its faith, and drive away harm from it. They are more worthy of this nation and have more fear for its well-being. They are doing everything they can through themselves and their money for the sake of Islam and the Muslims.
Imam Ahmad Ibn-Hanbal, may God rest his soul, said “Meeting the enemy is nothing, but fighting them is the best action. The ones that fight the enemy are the ones defending Islam and their women. They are comforted while the enemy is afraid.”

The Mujahidin are living in a unique phase unlike any other. It is a phase before victory, the failing of their strength, and the fall of God’s enemies. All if this means that the enemy is going to exert all of its efforts. This also means that we need to focus on this phase and end what is left of this great massacre. The enemy has many injuries to the point that they don’t want success. The infidel enemy shouldn’t have more strength or persistence than us. We are to fight them in life, and after their death, there will be hell. We are the people of truth and we fight for God. Hang in there worshippers of God because there’s only a little time left until the darkness subsides and the Muslims are happy.

Worshippers need to know that when the hard times intensify, it means that good tidings are near. God had said so in the Qur’an. God usually tests his worshippers so that both the righteous and the non-righteous become visible. God will reward those who believe.

The path of Jihad is riddled with thorns, obstacles, and great losses. All of these means nothing until the Mujahid sees the end of the road and the fruits of his patience. The end of the road is either martyrdom or victory and both are great. Martyrdom will be awarded with heaven, and victory will award Muslims a great life. When faced with problems, a Mujahid needs to ask God for his help and be patient as to get awarded. The continuous problem that will face the Mujahidin is the existence of people wanting to spread corruption, but it won’t matter as long as the true Mujahid is firm and cognizant of his surroundings and aware of the disguised deceivers. Don’t worry about them for God is going to protect the Mujahidin from those frauds.

We have to be careful and keep our eyes open during the day and at night. We won’t let the enemy trick us so we can save the lives of our Muslim brothers. We have to consider that we are here to defend Islam and the Muslims. Before that, we have to ask God for his help and protect us from them by maintaining our prayers. Know my Mujahid brother that this faith is protected by God and not by people as the truth never dies, and neither does God. The person that lets the truth die is only hurting himself.

God said that the Prophet is a man and if he got hurt, it shouldn’t cause any weakness among the people. This is why the Mujahidin grow stronger when their leaders are hurt or they die. It happened in the battle of Uhud when it was announced that the Prophet had died. The Muslims continued to fight.
Abu-Bakr said “If you were worshipping Muhammad, he has died. If you were worshipping God, he is alive and never dies.”
God said “Muhammad is but a Prophet of God, and Prophets have been created before him.”
After the Prophet died, Ibn-‘Abbas expressed Abu-Bakr’s response to the news: “If the Prophet has died, do you fall off your heels? I swear that we won’t fall off our heels after God has brought light unto us….”

God has praised the Prophet’s companions for following the Prophet and following his command in the invasion of Al-Hamra’ Al-Asad despite their losses. To those people are rewards of heaven. Strength in faith increases in the hearts of people when they are stricken with affliction but stand strong. They make their distress proof of an upcoming victory from God. This is what the Prophet and God have promised us after going through trials, tests, and afflictions. Victory comes after that.
The people of the truth are firmer and more steadfast in the face of challenge. Distress is their medicine, and difficult times are opportunities for them. The ones that concede defeat are not ones that succeed, rather it’s the ones that suffer but are deep-rooted. God will give those their reward. It has been verified in the hearts of the believers and monotheists that God is the only one that owns victory.
God said “Victory is from God, the Beloved and the Wise.”

Victory is only from God. Worshippers cannot aide it or control it. They have to focus on the reasons that need victory from God. That is all one can do. It is why he should reach out to God with persistence and supplication, while realizing his weaknesses, and his need for God. If it wasn’t for God’s help, we couldn’t find our leader or the one that can give us victory. Prayer is one of the strongest weapons we can use to do away with our enemies. Patience is also a necessity. God said “Be patient for God is with the patient ones.” Al-Tabariyyu said “God is with the patient ones. This means that God will aid the patient and obedient ones with their Jihad.”

God also gives victory to the devout. He will forgive them and give them proof. God says “Fight all the infidels as they fight all of you.” The believers, the obedient, and the devout will be awarded by God. If God is with someone, they will be victorious.

Another reason for victory is the dependence and reliance on God. It is important to fight together, to be in agreement, and to avoid separation. God says “Be obedient to God and his Prophet, don’t fight so you don’t fail, and be patient for God is with the patient.”

Victory also comes when a Muslim asks forgiveness for their sins. Know that the dangers of sin are great for it delays victory and causes weakness. Weakness is also the biggest reason for cowardice and flight. Failure for many armies comes from disobedience to their prince. The Muslims succeeded in the battle of Uhud, and God showed them victory, because they gave in to the Prophet without defiance. Follow your leaders and be obedient to them whether times are easy or hard. Be easy and don’t be difficult, be together, and don’t separate. There’s only a little bit left, and life itself is short as well.

Be alerted that you aren’t the reason for delaying victory for Islam as well as the Nation. Jails are filled with woes of the imprisoned, and the screams of women asking for aide. Praise God for this Nation that gave birth to you. Do not depend on yourself or other reasons, because it brings you nothing in this life. Depend on God and take reasons to rely on him. It is a true expression of one’s heart. The definition of reliance comes only with both the heart and dependence of God.

Another dangerous sin is greed, which affects some of the Mujahidin. Some of them may think they have allowances because they are Mujahidin and others aren’t. This is when a Mujahid abandons everything to engage in amusement. This is just a small example for the works of the devil that targets only the simple-minded. Be wary worshipper of God, and careful that you don’t fall into that trap.

You may not know the results of your good work, but keep doing it so you can be awarded heaven. Keep doing it so you can face your good tidings. Work hard and find reasons to make it acceptable. May sure that your intent is continuously adjusting for the better. Do what pleases God and stay away from what angers him.

Of the greatest sins is refusing the truth and contempt for people. This is when one thinks they’re better than all the other Muslims. One may think he’s better because he’s performing Jihad while the rest of the world is enjoying life and dwelling in sin. This is because he knows nothing of God’s intent. Work on maintaining humility and work on erasing your sins. Thank God for praising you and honoring you with the role of defending Islam. Involve yourself in the school of Jihad so you can improve on what you lack. Do not lose track of that, for time will pass and you won’t change.

Jihad is a school that allows Muslims to learn the real meaning of faith and worship. Jihad is an infirmary for the hearts to recover and the evil ailments to be cured. God said “Those who have struggle for Us will be shown Our paths.” God is with the good doers. Jihad is a school, a hospital, and a medicine. It is why the smart, the righteous, and the faithful have gone to it.

We ask God to forgive us, keep us steadfast, give us victory over the infidels, and give us martyrdom.

God’s peace, mercy, and blessings upon you.
Submitted by a Mujahid

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