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Forces of Russian Foreign Ministry and Foreign Intelligence Service thrown against Kavkaz Center

Forces of Russian Foreign Ministry and Foreign Intelligence Service thrown against Kavkaz Center

Russian KGB thugs have taken Putin's order on an extended gathering of "FSB collegium" on February 14 to fight with the truth in the global network as an indication of increase firstly the fight against the Kavkaz Center. This is not surprising, given the fact that even the Russian-Swedish relations (virtually) are built around the Kavkaz Center.

So, if to believe the headlines of Russian news agencies (and all of them are owned or supervised by the FSB), key topics of the talks in Stockholm deputy gang leader of Russian Foreign Ministry Titov was not the environment of the Baltic and Barents Seas, but the Kavkaz Center, as indicated in his online blog a Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt.
From this follows that, despite the situation in the real world, an "incorrect" information agency, as always, has much place to occupy in the brains of KGB thugs.

While the hosting of the KC, as noted by the agent Juha Molari in his Finnish blog in a report to the Moscow Center from February 18, is not in Stockholm, but in Toronto, Canada (in Stockholm maintained KC's registration as a Swedish news outlet), noting that all the ways to KC continues to be "in Helsinki".

"At present, their work is still going on in Finland, although registration changed: WTC-building in Toronto (Canada)!", reports to the Moscow center agent Molari.
It is to be recalled that at the extended gathering of FSB on February 14 Putin ordered the following:

"When neutralizing any kind of extremist structures with well-planned special operations, we should act as resolutely as possible, and block attempts by radicals to use information technologies, internet resources and social networks for their propaganda".

Meanwhile, at the KGB news agency "Rex", a KGB thug Yuri Yuriev (it's like "John Smith"), presenting himself a "political constructor", explained how to be run, or at least how to be performed a difficult but responsible government order on closure of the Kavkaz Center:
"When we discussed a year ago a cyber-capabilities of SVR (foreign intelligence service - KC), SVR was predicted loss on the web.

Unfortunately, it was confirmed by Putin himself, stating turning to the FSB that the extremists are not neutralized. Referring to the FSB in order to regulate the World Wide Web - is strange, since the network is global, and the FSB - is not.

Given that even now every student has if not a tablet, but a smart phone, then this axiom known to every student.
And the impact on the minds by these "Kavkaz Centers", "Kavkaz Chats" and other extremist, subversive and recruiting activities like the "Caucasus Emirate" - goes on global resources.

We either have to cut the world and create a closed Runet, then the FSB will act within the borders of Russia and the law, or to provide the FSB with the functions of SVR (the act is illegal outside Russia, and this can only be a real terrorism - KC).

A SVR - to teach to work on the Network and appropriate expansion of the law of intelligence (that is, apparently, to allow not only espionage, but also terrorism, murder, explosions, nothing more is come to head in connection with an "extension" - KC). And do not forget about the MFA (diplomatic cover and distraction - KC), as some resources may only officially pressed in order not to run into a cyber war".
It is to be recalled that while the FSB is present abroad, it mainly operates within emigration. Thugs from the FSB, in principle, do not really know any local situation, or even a foreign language at an acceptable level. Putin's "well-known German" is laughable in Germany.
However, the network of SVR consists of agents-illegals posing as locals and well-versed in the West.

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Kavkaz Center
source : kavkaz center

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